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It also introduces The Revenant, a ninth new profession with its own Elite Specialisation. As an added bonus, players who purchase the game while it is on special will receive a free Max Level Boost and a shared inventory slot. Guild Wars 2 can be played for free and has generous limitations for non-paying players. All free accounts, for Welcome Back Commander – Why You Really Should Return to Shared inventory slots allow players in Guild Wars 2 to synchronize a single inventory slot across an entire account. It allows easy access to items of particular value across all characters on a Guild Wars 2 Forum - Guild Wars 2 Discussion

We're having a sale on Shared Inventory Slots – 20% off this weekend! .... @ GuildWars2 What good are putting the Shared Inventory slots on sale, when its only ...

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Guild Wars 2 (Video Game) - TV Tropes The sequel to Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 is an Mmorpg developed by ArenaNet and published by NC Soft. Like the original, there are no monthly fees. In … Game Info and theories | Enriching worlds within the PC There are three points of contest (The windmill at the north side, the clock tower in the middle, and the mansion at the bottom). GW2_rankfarm_teams Points are given for when you neutralize and take over these points of contest by standing … Game Reviews | Enriching worlds within the PC