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Poor-Man's Speed: Coming of Age in Wigan's Anarchic Northern ... We reached Wigan Casino around midnight with my mate’s cousin who was a “face” on the Northern Soul scene. ... that is what Northern Soul did to you. And to my 14-year-old self it made not ... suityourself | WIGAN CASINO'S RICHARD SEARLING But, and I would argue this profusely, a venue is just a room unless you put a DJ and some dancers in it, and legendary only becomes a status if said DJ's can turn that room into an incredible journey for the dancers that burn the dance floor which brings us nicely to one of the gentlemen that helped Wigan Casino gain its lofty reputation. Va* - Wigan Casino: 30th Anniversary: 1973-2003 - Discogs

Wigan Casino Dancers 1975 dancing Northern Soul doing splits 17 of 27. ... Kirklees Magistrates Court 'I'll burn the house down with you and your sp**tic son inside' man threatened his wife But Kevin O'Donoghue avoided punishment after a court heard how he was ... 17-year-old suffered a blow to the head during an altercation outside a North ...

What Does A Blue Plaque For Wigan Casino Mean, Anyway ... The Wigan Casino has a blue plaque. (Look, here it is.)Thirty years and more on from its final all-nighter, three decades on from the bulldozers ripping apart its famed sprung dance floor, former members, admirers, dancers and DJs have won approval for a historic marker. The El Rancho Vegas Hotel Fire - Clark County, Nevada The El Rancho Vegas Hotel Fire. The grand opening of the El Rancho Vegas on April 3rd, 1941 hailed it as Las Vegas' first resort hotel. Built by California hotelman Thomas Hull, the main building contained a casino, restaurant, the Opera House Showroom, and several shops.

The Wigan Casino Years documents, illustrates and analyses the golden age of Northern Soul from 1973 - 1981.In writing The Wigan Casino Years Brown has drawn upon personal experiences and memories from the period as well as conducting significant research to create an accurate account of...

Twisted Wheel joins Cavern and Wigan Casino in music venue ... Twisted Wheel joins Cavern and Wigan Casino in music venue graveyard ... After a final all-nighter on New Year's Eve, the club will close for ever. ... "it hasn't been called the Twisted Wheel ... CD Album - Various Artists - The Wigan Casino Story ... Given that one of Goldmine Soul Supply's bosses was Kev Roberts, who DJ'd at The Wigan Casino, it was going to be inevitable that the label eventually did a CD compilation based around the venue and musically this seems to encapsulate what I've always imagined the place to be like (Volumes 2 and 3 flesh this out a bit and so this review also ... Bateman’s NRL switch: How other Wigan players did Down Under ... John Bateman has joined Ryan Sutton is confirming a move Down Under next year. Here is how other players have fared when they have left Wigan to try their hand in the NRL... Player of the Month: Dan Burn - Wigan Athletic - News - EFL ...

The casino burnt down in the early 1980s. In the 90s the town gained a reputation as a centre for jazz and now hosts an international jazz festivalFor three years the town was the firm’s headquarters. In 1698 travel writer Celia Fiennes described Wigan as a ‘pretty market town built of stone and brick.’

Thirty Years Gone: The MGM Grand Fire - Classic Las Vegas ... Thirty Years Gone: The MGM Grand Fire . ... Many guests opted to take the elevators down to the casino. Of those that did, many died in those elevators. Others ran towards the stairs and began the descent down. Many encountered thick black smoke and had to turn back. While some returned to their rooms (those who had their room keys could, those ... suityourself | WIGAN CASINO'S RICHARD SEARLING