Drive 1 drive slot sensor drive fault detected

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RHEL6.3 の HS23 で、ハードウェアの RAID フェイルオーバーテストの実行時にファイルシステムを読み取り専用... RAID 1 (ミラー) 設定の LSI SAS2004 RAID コントローラーを持つ IBM BladeCenter HS23p 7875AC1 で、実行しているシステムから物理ディスクを削除して失敗テストを実行すると、以下のメッセージが syslog に記録され、マウントしたファイルシステムが読み取り専用になります。 Dell iDRAC for Blade Servers Version 1.2 User's Manual | Page ... Read and download Dell Software iDRAC for Blade Servers Version 1.2 User's Manual | Page 232 online. Download free Dell user manuals, owners manuals, instructions, warranties and installation guides, etc.

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This fault is identified as Trip 228, and “OI.SC” will display on the drive’s keypad. This fault means overcurrent is detected at the drive’s output, when enabled. This could also possibly indicate a motor-earth fault. Recommended Actions: Check for short circuit on the output cabling; Check the insulation of the motor with a 1000 V ... Common Fault/Problems of USB Flash Drive -

stator faults resulting in the opening or shorting of one or more stator windings; .... where Z2 is the number of rotor slots or rotor bars and k = 0,1,3,5,. ... increasingly popular, especially since inverter drives appeared on the market. ... the stator current and the stray flux measured by an external flux sensor.

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Cisco Bug: CSCua41901 - UCS C220/C240 HDD drive fault critical during raid rebuild or reboot. Last Modified . Apr 15, 2019. Products (1) ... Drive Fault was asserted" description: "HDD1_STATUS: Drive Slot sensor, Drive Fault was deasserted" Conditions: 1. During RAID rebuild 2. Host Reboot. View Bug Details in Bug Search Tool. Why Is Login ... vmware esxi - ESX 3i Drive Assertion Fault on otherwise ... Ok, fixed it. Changed faulty drive with new one, all systems go, all lights back to Normal, no more Assert Failure.. Not sure how I was supposed to know to replace that exact drive without going to the machine and seeing that light flashing and guessing that it meant replace me now.. not happy ESX.