What is an sd slot

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Is there supposed to be a piece of rubber in the SD slot… The SD card slot is on the left side of the system and is labeled SD. I don't know of any Chromebook right off hand that has a MicroSD slot and especially not on the back.What model do you have and what is the slot labeled? What is the purpose of the micro SD slot? | LiveU Once populated, the micro SD slot is for the Store&Forward option or the File Transfer option, depending on the devices supporting these features. Sd Slot

There is a SD slot for a SD memory card. I have a micro SD into a SD adapter with a video file. There is a lock and unlock slider on the SD card but when I put it into the slot to the computer, I don't see this device and I don't hear a "ding".

Installing a Memory Card for Maps and Data. ... Locate the map and data memory card slot on your device (Device Overviews). Insert a memory card into the slot. 3 Advantages that a Car Radio SD Card Slot Gives You ... An SD card is much smaller than other types of music media, including MP3 players or CDs. An SD card can easily fit in a wallet, and is simple to keep tucked away when not in use. If you don’t need to listen to tens of thousands of songs, an SD car stereo may be a great option.

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This alows you to insert a SD card to either get data off of it or to forward data to it. Its just like your cell phone just bigger. You can also buy a microsd to SD converter to use micro SD cards. Where is the SD card slot? | Yahoo Answers Best Answer: Not all PCs have a SD slot.It looks to me as if the Compaq Presario SR5313WM does not come with a SD slot standard.If you did have a SD slot it would be located in the front panel. What Is The SDXC Slot? - App Sliced

A: The Secure Digital, or SD, card slot is located on various electronic devices, including cell phones, video game consoles and cameras. SD slots house SD memory cards, which are primarily used to store and transfer data.

microSD definition (Phone Scoop) There are adapter cards that allow a microSD card to be used in an SD card slot. This is a convenient way to use a microSD card with a card reader on a PC, to transfer files between a PC and a ... Where is the SD card slot located on a computer - answers.com